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  • Nicky

English literature anyone? Pop over!

So what happens at an English Literature Dinner at Story Kitchen. Or a Popover Night as I like to call them!

Well, you arrive to find other like minded oddballs like yourself inclined to pass the night conversing in English with complete pleasure. Alyssa might just sing a song between delivering you all dinner and Nicky will read some poetry or a sonnet or some simple prose to give you all a break for talking so much! There will be a drink of bubbles alcoholic or something non alcoholic and the menu will take you from a soup starter to a small choice of mains to a sweet for closing and for the utterly indulgent a coffee or a warm ginger tea to wind the night up!

The next one is this Thursday night from 8pm. Booking is necessary. Whatsapp me on 3894320761.

Cost is 25 euro

Excerpts from Maria Popova

re Nature, Kindness and Friendship

and a little excerpt from Charlottes Web By E B Whyte

Join us!


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