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April Stories!

A little girl was found reading in the reading chair at Story Kitchen yesterday!

She turned up out of the blue!

We put signs all over the city but no one came forward to own this sweet little girl!

And while we were thinking to adopt her as the Story Kitchen Reading Chair Child,


..... and her book

..... suddenly disappeared!

Harry potter is a suspect!

Any helpful information to solve the mystery will be rewarded with banana and chocolate muffins and raw ginger biscuits!

Phone Story Kitchen on 3894320761

Meanwhile ........other stories in the making! Scritch....scritch...scritch.....

Wednesday night ... (thats mercoledi' with a long rolling 'r') we are having our first Journaling Gym!

From 6.30 to 8pm drop by and have a drink and write away.... write away.... write away!

Bring your special notebook, sip on a tea, or a glass of wine, or a Negroni and let the pencil fly!

Scritch...up! Scritch... up!


Laura Arduini will be our gentle journaling guide and I can't recommend enough the focus and solace this process can lend.

Noone is expected to share the content of their writing.

Its a strange and sumptuous communion of minds like singing or praying or dancing in a pack!

Scritch...up! Scritch... up!


Then a little look at our menu for the next few days. This gorgeous beetroot soup inspired by a recipe from will feature this week and its healthy, dairyfree and delish ( delicious).

Also we have a lentil quinoa warm vege salad and farro filled portobello mushrooms this week. Thats on the lunch menu.... dinner still in the journalling stage!!!

Gosh! Is that the time?

I must run or i'll be late.... to bed!

And sleep is soooooo important!

More coming! Stay tuned!

The Story Kitchen White Rabbit!

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