Jordi and I have been reading Charlotte's Web by E.B.White. And we decided it would be nice to share it form some of his friends out there stuck at home like him! Enjoy!

Charlotte's Web By E.B. White

Part 1. Fern saves the piglet

Fern is having breakfast when she sees her Dad go out with an axe. She runs out and stops him from killing the 'runt' of the new born pigs. She persuades her Dad to let her look after the baby piglet.

Question for you: What's a runt? In your language?


Part 2  A pig called Wilbur

Fern's brother laughs at the little runty pig then asks Mr Arable for a pig too. Fern feeds her baby pig with a baby's bottle. She calls her baby pig Wilbur.

Task for you? Draw us a pig and send it to

d3726cca-aab3-447a-ac63-2fc2a8df2138_1_1 that boy in his pajamas still?

Part 3  Wilbur starts to grow!

Wilbur moves from the kitchen to a wooden box outside under the apple tree. Fern watches him bury himself in the straw to sleep and keep warm. But its time to sell him. He eats a lot now. They sell him to Uncle Zuckerman on the farm next door. Wilbur moves to a barn beside a manure pile. 

What's a snout ( pig's nose) in your language?

Part 4 Escape!

Wilbur gets out of the yard when the goose tells him there is a board loose. He pushes it and is free. But when Mr and Mrs Zuckerman and the farm worker discover Wilbur is free they come to catch him and Wilbur thinks the big wide world is a bit scary!