About us!

Nicky, Sandra and Alyssa

Someone asked me the other day what was my idea of luxury?  I had to think about it 'cos luxury isn't always a positive thing right? Sometimes it can indicate something excessive or exaggerated but this friend wanted to know what made me feel loved and spoilt and good about the world! Ok! Well I knew the answer to that! "Going out for brunch with a friend and sitting there reading the Guardian weekly! A flat white, eggs florentine and perhaps a glass of wine! Supreme luxury!"

And I realised opening my little Story Kitchen that's what I've tried to create. A place where you can feel loved, a little spoiled and good about the world! ( my only newspaper is the Guardian weekly at present but I'm open to widening the choice!)

At the moment we open 7 days from 9.30-4.00 and from February to July and September to December also several nights a month for events and dinner. ( see calendar)

Presently a three woman band, Sandra my wee Irish rose who keeps the wheels turning and my fridges stocked with culinary gems, Alyssa my savvy New Yorker who can cook up a storm and a song and sometimes at the same time, then me, the NZ girl who forgot to go home and got old in Reggio and thought what the hell Reggio needs a NZ style cafe so I'd better open one.