The owl, the witch, and a winner!

Firstly apologies for promising a next day announcement and intstead showing up a week later! (Lesson learned! Never make promises on the internet!)

So the question on everyones lips is ….Who is the winner of the Halloween scary Story Kitchen mandarin?  Well the winner is………

Well….well….well…… first a little story!

Jordi is 7 years old and he was the chief judge! This is Jordi on the right.

This is Jordi also with the other judges James Lea, and Federico where they defined categories of scary mandarin, buffo mandarin ( funny) and normal mandarin ( don’t ask me what “normal” entails but they decided it was a category!)

Upon learning the prize was dinner for two on a Storykitchen fixed menu night (friday or saturday), Jordi told me that he would do his very very best NOT to win because he could eat here anytime he liked.

This is why I chose Jordi. He’s a good guy!

Now when he chose the winning mandarin he put it on the counter!

This is what he saw!

He told me the gufo ( owl)had won! An owl with an enormous beak and a ruffly feathered front!

This is what I saw!

A witch with a big nose and a pointy chin!

So the winning mandarin drawn by Francesco Rangone definitely gets a thumbs up as it was one thing to Jordi ( a fantastical owl with a big beak) and quite another thing to me ( a witchy witch)!

I guess we all see the world from a different place and we don’t always see the same thing!!!


Francesco wins a four course Story Kitchen dinner menu which gives me the excuse to tell you whats on the menu this week for Story Kitchen dinner

( friday 10th Nov and saturday 11th november 2017)

  1. (Back by popular demand!) Jerusalem artichokes ( topinabour) and cauliflower.
  2. Sunflower seed risotto with fennel and pine nuts.
  3. Iberico pork fillet on salt plate with chestnut puree’!
  4. And our lovely choco cake with homemade icecream ( vegan alternative available)

3 vegetarian plates29euro,3 plates including the meat33euro, whole menu39euro

Below last week Story Kitchen diners hoed into eliminated mandarins to drown their sorrows and accept that this time their mandarin was not Jordi’s special one!

A couple of other entries……

They were all so good and it was so much fun! Thanks to super chef Philipp here preparing fennel for this weeks lunch because it was all his idea!

He promises to make mandarin ice cream for all the traumatised mandarins that did not make the cut! Come back and try it!

Oh and art NOT just on mandarins is a-moving! An artist comes and an artist goes! But more on that next week perhaps! Come and see our new walls, perhaps have a kale soup or a canelloni pasta roll!

Thanks to everyone who drew on a mandarin! We have loved having your creations around us! Happy week to all! Hold on to seeing the world from your unique and special place! Like Jordi and his owl!


Story Kitchen

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