Story Kitchen Dinner

Thank you to our first Story Kitchen dinner diners on Friday and Saturday who dived into our menu fisso with grace and gusto!

Pumpkin and grapefruit twingled together ( twingle is not a word …. unless you frequent Story Kitchen!),

…liquorice and balsamic wangled together (wangle simply… should be a word!)

and chocolate and beetroot fandangled together (fandangle is definitely a word and only for the brave and romantic!) Below Philipp doing some moves!

We are repeating our Story Kitchen menu this friday and saturday offering

Roasted onion on olive quinoa crumble

Pumpkin on pumpkin with grapefruit, chickpeas and juniper

Chocolate and beetroot with persimon sorbet

25 euro

Our ingredients are organic and locally sourced whenever possible. We include still or sparkling filtered and UV treated water in the price. There is no cover charge ( coperta) unless of course you BYO. 

BYO  means Bring Your Own  wine, something everyone did in the 1970s in NZ. (This does age me but I will inform you in the 1970’s I was a child!!!)

Story kitchen is just up the road from an Enoteca that stands for everything we believe in so if you buy a wine from Riccardo and want to drink it at our place, we’re cool with that. We will charge a small corkage fee (coperta) for the glasses and washing but you’ll probably agree thats reasonable.

However talking about wine, we’re a bit excited to be representing Denny Bini  ( in the photo above) from Podere di Cipolla whose Levante 90 has just won the 2018 Slow wine snail award. This guy comes from just outside the city gates in Coviolo and is making beautiful wines traditionally and  ….. slowly! ( Denni’s vineyard below over the long hot summer!)

well thats all for now folks! Just one more photo if you dont’ mind ‘cos I’m finally getting the hang of using these bits and pieces. Tune in again soon!

Nicky at Story Kitchen

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