Ha Ha Ha Ha little Halloween!

Ok so I’ll be honest, Halloween is as new to me as a New Zealander as it is to anyone here in Italy! I didn’t grow up with this festival either. But it just can’t be all bad!

I struggle with the demonic argument! These two would scare away any demon! They became calm beautiful children again when I fed them mandarins!

This mandarin by Lea Grimaldi was really my bodyguard ( in disguise) all night. No demons in sight! And there were some demonic moments when I thought things might get truly out of hand!

Thank you to the lovely Federica Sidoli who prepared a ghost for every well behaved child. Each little ghost had a personally applied scary face for each little person that came in! ( Thank you Federica for the hours of time you spent making each little ghost by hand and packing each one! A big kiss and hug to you!)

What you don’t know perhaps is that this week we have been having a mandarin designing competition and competition has been fierce!

Fierce! Fierce! Fierce!

The winner wins dinner for two at Story Kitchen on Saturday night and our StoryKitchen menu this week is

  1. Topinabour con cavolfiore ( Jerusalem artichokes with cauli)
  2. Melanzane affumicate con pere (Smoked eggplant and pear)
  3. Filetto Iberico con pure di castagne (Iberican fillet with chestnut puree)
  4. Torta di cioccolato con nostro gelato (Chocolate cake and homemade ice cream)

You can have 3 or 4 plates and the menu ranges in price from 29-39 euro with water and coffee/tea included!

Anyway this was the jury! They were utterly biased and utterly open to bribery and blackmail!

Only that being so young they preferred to be fair and honest and thus choose the winning mandarin on merit alone and not to let each other win! The winning mandarin is  …..dadadadah!

….. to be announced tomorrow!

( just trying to keep you hanging on……….!!!!!)

Stay tuned….. winner tomorrow! Oh and in the meantime come by for lunch. We have yummy pumpkin soup and a gorgeous sunflower risotto with fennel and pinenuts.

Ha ha ha Happy all Saints!


Story Kitchen


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