A first week of delicious stories!

A big thank you to those who came in to share our first week. It’s been really fun! Some pics of our highlights.

Sandra learning to make coffee standing on a pot of gold!! ( ok so you can’t see the pot of gold!). But she is actually an Irish leprachaun and simply refuses to make coffee if she is not standing on a pot of gold! (Difficult to explain…just come in and try her coffee!)

Our lunch time menu from the week gone!

And this week for lunch from Wednesday to Saturday there’s

  • Batate soup with a beetroot splatter (6 euro)
  • Thai vegetable curry with Venere black rice (9 euro)
  • -Philips yummy chocolate cake or fruit ice cream (3 euro)……..ah! can’t find  euro key on my New Zealand keyboard!

ALERT ALERT ALERT! !!! Lunch Offer! Lunch Offer!

STORYKITCHEN SECRET MESSAGE….. Come in at lunchtime and whisper  the words Story Kitchen Secret” to Nicky or Philip or Sandra and we will give you  the….. Batate soup and the Vege Thai curry  and water and coffee and ..and ..and a slither of Philips chocolate cake

…..for 12 euro.

Got it? You just have to say “I’m here for the Story Kitchen secret!”

AND WE’LL SPOIL YOU ROTTEN!  ( lunchtime offer only Wednesday Thursday Friday!)

But wait! There’s more!

On Friday and Saturday we are starting our first StoryKitchen dinner menu. Delicious 3 course menu of onion crumble, pumpkin and chickpeas with grapefruit and ginepro and to finish, honey sorbet and choco tart. Water and coffee included. Drinks excluded. 25 euro.

To book Storykitchen dinner menu, email info@storykitchen.it or text 3894320761 with name, day and time and number of people coming. We will confirm.

Happy week to all!

Nicky at Story Kitchen







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  1. We are so lucky to have a New Zealand entrepreneur in Reggio Emilia. You and story kitchen are spicing up this city. Well done to you and your team. Keep going. Guglielmo

  2. Ohhhhhh! Now we really, really have to come back to Reggio to visit! Have to, have to, have to eat all this yummy things made my these lovely people. Best of luck from holland, raquel

  3. Nobody does itbetter than you. Tony and I are thrilled for you and your team.

    Marg and Tony De Gregorio aka Mary Poppins. xxx

  4. I agree with Margaret – nobody does it better! I’m so happy for you Nicky. Story Kitchen looks amazing! I can’t wait to return to Reggio. Well done you gorgeous girl. xx

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