Thai Curry

Coconut Sauce

400g of Coconut milk
1 Teaspoon Green Curry Paste
15g Ginger
15g Coriander
2 lemons ( or better still  2 Kafir limes)

Slice finely or grate the Ginger and Peel Lemon Skin. Mix all ingredients together with  Coconut milk and add lemon Juice. Cook the Sauce for 10 Minutes and then strain.


15g Ginger

50g Yellow Capsicun

50g Mushrooms

100g Zucchini

100g Eggplant

50g Tomatoes

Other vegetables  will work just as well including broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, chopped spinach, green beans and squash, giving plenty of options to take advantage of the season’s best produce, no matter what time of year it is.

Cut the Vegetables in small pieces and steam them for 15 Minutes at 100 ° C

Flavor them then with Soy-sauce and/or Fish Sauce ( if you are not vegan.)

Earl Grey Rice

200g of Black Rice
200g of Water
10g of Earl Grey

Wash the Rice and put it together with twice the amount of water. Add the tea to the pot. Cover with lid and let cook til rise is soft. ( usually 30-35 mins)

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